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Laurence Mitchell, Autism and Mentoring
In 2007, Laurence Mitchell attended the Research Autism Symposium at London University and was fascinated to hear there were others who shared his view that mentoring could be highly beneficial in the treatment of those suffering from the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, including Aspergers Syndrome, which Laurence himself had been diagnosed with.
Laurence set out to find out as much as he possibly could about mentoring and autism. In 2008 he attended both the National Autistic Society’s Conference and Research Autism’s Symposium in London, as well as the College of Psychiatrists’ conference on Aspergers  in York. The following May Laurence travelled to the US and spent three days at the International Meeting For Autism Research in Chicago where he listened to some of the world's leading scientists talking about all aspects of Autism .A week later, at the Autism One Conference, here a number of leading authorities spoke of the labels attached to various forms of autism and how beneficial it was for sufferers to break away from these with the aid of mentoring. Laurence heard some remarkable stories, including a mother recounting how her autistic child, freed from the labels placed upon it, had had its diagnosis reversed by the same doctors who had previously applied the diagnosis.
It was at this point that Laurence decided to devote all his energy to the creation of Life Without Labels, a supportive web based resource, utilizing social media to help all those whose family, friends, helpers and medical advisors place labels upon.