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This page is devoted to the study and understanding of Autism, Autism Related Disorders, Autism Research and Support. Click here to watch Laurence Mitchell discuss his thoughts about Autism Pride Day. Watch other video's on this page to  learn about Laurence's own views and advice on all aspects of the Labels associated with Autism
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What is on the Autism Homepage?

I believe it is important to understand what Autism is, that it isn't a disease, just a generic description of a label. That some of the most gifted persons on this planet in the present and in the past have been given a label that reads of autistic decent.
The Autism homepage introduces the disorders associated with Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorders  and other associated Disorders. But, it is important to realise that every name is all but generic descriptions of even more labels. So Autism like Cancer is just a generic term to something that has been already discribed.

What is the meaning of generic?

If something is generic this means it describes a label that may incorportate a lot of other labels. This is akin to taking a lot of cateogies and putting them under on heading. The one heading becomes the generic heading.

Delving Further into the labels of Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders

Delving further into the label of Autism we see there are different states of mind associated with those who are labelled amongst the Autistic Spectrum and related Disorders.
There is higher and lower functioning.
There is Asperger's Syndrome
There are the Labels of Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obssesive Compulsive Disorder that are all related to Disorders on the Autism Spectrum

Relating to a Disorder

When one can relate to a Disorder as being a generic description of a label and will only relate to the label that has been given to an individual, it is my invitation that the lable does not describe the content of the individual's life whether the individual be infant, child adolescant or adult.
It is the content of the individual's life that is important and relevant and when one can be in awareness to this, one's relationship with the individual who has been labelled will change.
If it is that the individual who has been labelled is a relative of yours or be it a friend whether
infant, child adolescant or adult by inviting yourself to The Life Without Lable ethos you are creating a new unique and wonderful environment for the individual to thrive in.
We as a race of people are nowhere close to the pinnacle of what we are able to achieve or what we will achieve.
Perhaps what is happening throughout the world today, with climate change or is it that we are just listening to what the others are saying because we do not have the capacity of experience to know one way or other what is going to happen or not.
The movie 2012 illustrates the awesome power of mother nature. Perhaps this is all science fiction perhaps not. We will not know unless it happens and if it doesn't we still will not know.
Therefore it is far better we just ecperience the art of l'ive life', that is living our life to the fullest that our life can allow us and just enjoying those moments of emotional tranquility and peace of mind in a world that can take us beyond what we perceive be the material and important things in our lives. Even if we have been labelled with the many labels that make up this page believing in possibilities gives one belief that anything is possible.

Research into Autism

There are those learned people like Simon Baron Cohen and the community he researches in, who have made it their study to research every aspect of Autism and Disorders.
Having attended one of his lectures at the 2008 National Autism Society Conference in London as well as attending IMFAR, the International Meeting For Autism Research in Chicago spring of 2009 and attended some of the lectures I have been astounded by the advances of some of the research.
Already Scientists are beginning to make advances in Brain Research. They are  able to illustrate our thought processes as thought travels across the spectrum we call our Brain. One has to be proud of how far science has evolved.
However, even as far as scientists and researchers have gone with their research being able to come up with cures that are a solution is entirely another matter.

About Autism Cures

As Simon Baron Cohen said, "if a cure came up that was a guarranteed remedy for Autism it would have to be the type of cure that did not impregnate itself into the creative and artistic abilities that so many autistic individuals display and wipe out even a the slightest of their

About Autism Research and Remedies

We as a people irrespective of our advances in the nature of Autism research are more aware of what is not possible than what is possible. Not because of any non understanding but because we are only just broaching the possibilities in Autism Research and Remedies.

About the Brain and relating to Possibilities

The Human Brain is the most amazing machine on the planet with unknown qualities and capabilties that will continually amaze us and perhaps one day we will learn what we are capable of achieving.
What I invite you who are associated with individuals who have autism or other disorders to try and take a step back or two from your relationship with those individuals.
Try to imagine them as normal individuals who have also retained their individual artistic creativity whatever it is. When I say normal I mean that you have to step aside of your concerns or your woes.
Something that is perhaps easily said than done but still do-able when you can relate to awareness to possibilities.
I ask of you to do this because as far as Autism Research has advanced we are unable to relate to our own innate senses, what we cannot, hear, speak or see and if we can relate to those individuals as being 'normal' and without being labelled then perhaps something inside of their brain can be allowed to take over and they will lose the traits that cause them not to be able to live life as they would like to live life.
There is so much we do not know about the workings of the brain we only can be aware of our emotions and our feelings and how they effect us but there are other areas far deeper into mind. The super or autonomous part of the brain that controls all the functions of the conscious mind and of the innate functions of what we call our life.
Then there is the  area of mind that is beyond or before all thought and this is where our lives could really become exciting and perhaps where all hope and awareness to possibilities are given birth.
It is because of the non understanding of our capabilities that I ask of you to experience a new beginning in what is possible and be able to share a truly wonderful and amazing reward.
Do this irrespective to the trials and tribulations that you have succumbed to 
and create a new start for those who you love and cherish and give them the chance for the many to share what Living Life is all about by joining the Life Without Labels community

Autism Home Page

Illustrates the main labels associated with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. .

Weather in Your Sky

Can easily belong to someone labelled with Autism but it could also belong to someone without labels too.
The analogy of weather in your sky is seen to Illustrate how your thoughts can be compared to the weather in the sky. By labelling it as an analogy, you will be looking into your mind from outside of the box and you will be able to see  what is going on in your mind at any time by making comparison to what is going on in the sky, by the movement of the clouds and the severity of the weather will be where you are in your life. Click here for Weather in Your Sky.

Live Life Labels

On the Autism Home page are similar to those seen on the main home page. They are there to guide you to create your ideal life. Click here for example of Live Life Label

Imfar 2009 Label

Illuatrates some of the University Posters that were displayed at Imfar 2009 in Chicago. Click here to see Posters.

Google Autism Sketch

Unique to Google, a technique in drawing that may enhance the motor skills of Autistic and other individuals that have learning difficulties. Click here to see Google Sketch Label.

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