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Agony Aunt

Do you have parents, siblings, relatives or friends diagnosed with Autism?
Has your relationship created frustrations and other obstacles?
Are you a teen who has been diagnosed with a label and and would like to be given the answers that suit your needs. My name is Abbie and I am your agony aunt. I know what it is like being a teen and having to cope with Autism and other emotional challenges around me please shoot any questions you have by clicking here or read on about how I can help you..

Being A Teenager

So do you ever snap at the toast for falling butter side down? As a teen, you may always wake up as if the day was going to be negative all the way through.
There are mornings where I wake up after little sleep still bubbling from the excitements of the night before. Or perhaps that would be my stomach foaming all of the alcohol round and around like a washing machine.I could wake up after a thorough nights' sleep in a foul mood with a scrunched forehead left to confront my dad who is left mysteriously wandering what is wrong.
"Nothing!" is yelled back. His eyes raise and he may ask again if he dares, or turn to continue on with the day.
Hormones are vicious I believe. They are sly, conniving. Cunning like a fox. An ordinary day could be completely turned upside down if a hormone does too..
Yes I realise there are times where mood swings can be more predictable, for example when women menstruate. I also speculate that men have a 'time of the month'. Honestly, I do. The way they just switch attitudes and behaviours on an off like a light switch. Or perhaps it is just the trouble they cause for girls and the trouble we cause for them.
Adults don't realise this can have a great affect on us. It could increase or decrease our appetites. Here we have another issue. Weight and general appearance. Usually we all have an icon we look up to and try to follow; so when it all goes wrong, it could lead to a faze of depression.
Everyone feels depressed at times. It is a very common emotion to feel. As a teenager it can sometimes appear ten times worse. I recollect times where I stayed in bed for three days straight refusing to budge or smile. Friends and family may try and help and at times it works. At the adolescent stage we can all be very stubborn at times. It is usually time that heals pains but we will not realise or try and accept that at the time.It is common for us to feel that parents and other close family members are not even trying to help us recover because it isn't working.
Deep down we know they are, but we are too into feeling sorry for ourselves.
There are a lot of spoilt teenagers who get what they want at the snap of their fingers. They are usually materialistic and quite selfish. Leaving the others feeling jealous and putting more of a demand on their guardians to provide more as 'the other kid has more!' This is where arguments can arise from and puts a strain on the parent or family.
The youth probably doesn't realise what strain they are causing and might go off in a strop. Strops: They can last from a short to a very long period of time. It is probably best you let it pass rather than demand an apology straight away as teenagers like time to think and 'bitch' about it to their friends, well the girls often will!
All in all being a teenager can often mean we resemble the weather, forever changing. Even when the sun is shining, you may never know that there is a large grey cloud above our heads and perhaps on the is raining, we are crying. However, when it is sunny, you will see that glowing smile; the rainbow above our heads. It's not all that bad.
Agony Aunt Abbie has learned to grow up with Autism and is training to work with autistc young adults and children and other mentally handicapped.
Abbie is training to work with alcohol/drug abuse and rehabilitation.
Abbie is training