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About Autism Wall

Hi There,

My name is Laurence MItchell, My invitation to you today is Life Without Labels. If you have reached this page for the first time may I suggest you look at the About Autism label ot the wall where you can learn a little about me and my relationship with  labels associated with Autism or click here.
The Autism Home Page Wall illustrates labels associated with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Clicking on the label will give a short description of the label.
The Third Label ion the Autism Wall llustrates University Research Posters illustrating all aspects of Resarch carried out by the major universities on Autism and Related Disorders.
On the bottom row of the Autism Wall you will see the label Weather in Your Sky.
doesn't mean you have Autism. The Weather in Your Sky Label is indigenous to both the Main and Autism Home Pages.
Part of the Ethos of Life Without Labels is understanding our relationship between the weather in our mind and  that of the sky by looking at Four Mind Sky Scenarios. Every one of us will have a relationship with one of the sky scenarios and once you have established which sky relates to what is going on in your life, you will now be in a much better position to be able to understand what labels you have a relationship with and be in a position to reframe the labels in your life.
For more information relating to any subject please refer to the Life Without Labels Guide on the main home page wall or click here.
If you look through the content of the labels you will see a number of remedies that I suggest that relate to the 'weather in your sky'.
The 'weather in your sky', is a very beneficial strategy that is very effective at helping those who have a relationship with Autism and other associated labels have a much better understanding of the relationship with their labels, learn to reframe them and then be more in a position to seek out all possible remedies.
All remedies are based on invitiations that embrace change that in turn allows your brain more clarity to think about the best solution for you.
Throughout Life Without Labels you will see  Live Life labels that illustrates a message. Whatever the message reads the enphasis is by making subtle changes in the way you communicate can bring about something truly amazing that will benefit you and whoever has been labelled.
The ethos at LifeWithoutlabels is to invite you to the idea that if you can become more aware doing something a certain way can bring about immense benefits and the best and most effective way is to join the Life Without Labels Community
by Clicking here.